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    I must say that your service is absolutely exceptional and I have recommended your company and products to several friends today; all are serious "printer" people.I retired last year and my friends are all into, or are still working in the photo industry. Sincerely,Gerhard


    Dear, just to let you know than i realy appreciate your costumer service.
    Thank you


    Just a Thank you and all the best


    Ce message est simplement pour vous dire que j'ai bien reçu la commande XXXXXX et que je suis très satisfait de la rapidité de la livraison et aussi de la qualité de l'encre. C'est la première fois que j'utilise de l'encre "autre que l'originale" et pour le moment je suis très satisfait. Soyez certain que je vais vous référez à mes amis et collègues de travail et c'est certain que je vais commander à nouveau de chez vous. Merci beaucoup.


    Je veux seulement vous dire un gros merci pour la rapidité avec lequel vous avez traité ma demande et aussi pour le petit extra en papier photos,c'est très apprécié.



    I received my order, thank you for your great customer service..



    It is not often people write emails or letters of praise but consider this one of the rare ones!
    I must say, ordering your product was about the easiest imaginable. Coupled with the fact that it arrived here basically “next day” I am thoroughly happy. To tell you the truth, I was expecting to have to go pay full retail for one black cartridge thinking that your’s would take at least a week to arrive but I was wrong, the order arrived before I could even go out to get one!
    Congrats people, I WILL tell all my friends and neighbours about you!

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The right font can save you money

Point size comparison of the typefaces Georgia...

Image via Wikipedia

Do you want to save some money on printing? Try Century Gothic.

Hit by the high prices of inkjet and toner cartridges, we’re all looking for ways to shave some bucks off the cost of printing. New data has found that because different fonts use different amounts of ink to print, using the right font could save you as much as 31 percent off your inkjet and toner cartridge expenses.

Testing was performed by  setting up two printers–a Canon inkjet and a Brother laser printer–to see how much money could be saved by using different fonts.

Both printers were left at their default settings of 600×600 dots per inch.

printing costs

Can the right font cut your printing costs?

The winner: Century Gothic, which delivered a 31 percent savings in printing costs over Arial.


As a thin and light font, Century Gothic managed to beat out Econfont, which was specifically created to cut costs by spewing out less ink. But if Century Gothic doesn’t look like the right style for your documents, third place and always popular Times Roman could also help ease your printing budget.

New Etch Resist Inkjet Process Coming Soon

Inkjet has gotten a lot of press over the last few years– and not necessarily all good. While much of the focus has been on legend and solder mask, a new, non-piezo ink-jetted etch resist is now on the horizon. MuTracx Global Sales and Marketing Director Stuart Hayton discusses a new etch resist inkjet process, Lunaris, that is already attracting a lot of investor interest.


Friday, April 9, 2010 | Real Time With…IPC APEX Expo 2010

Inkjet-like device ‘prints’ cells right over burns

(Reuters) – Inspired by a standard office inkjet printer, U.S. researchers have rigged up a device that can spray skin cells directly onto burn victims, quickly protecting and healing their wounds as an alternative to skin grafts.

They have mounted the device, which has so far only been tested on mice, in a frame that can be wheeled over a patient in a hospital bed, they reported on Wednesday.

A laser can take a reading of the wound’s size and shape so that a layer of healing skin cells can be precisely applied, said the team at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

"We literally print the cells directly onto the wound," said student Kyle Binder, who helped design the device. "We can put specific cells where they need to go."

Tests on mice showed the spray system, called bioprinting, could heal wounds quickly and safely, the researchers reported at the Translational Regenerative Medicine Forumb.

"We were able to close the entire wound in two weeks," Binder said. Mice with plugs of skin removed that were not treated took five weeks to heal, he said.

The team will eventually seek U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval to test the device on humans, said George Christ, a professor of regenerative medicine at the school.

They are working with the U.S. Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine to come up with ways to help soldiers wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan. It could be used to close various types of wounds as well as burns.

Binder and colleagues dissolved human skin cells from pieces of skin, separating and purifying the various cell types such as fibroblasts and keratinocytes.

They put them in a nutritious solution to make them multiply and then used a system similar to a multicolor office inkjet printer to apply first a layer of fibroblasts and then a layer of keratinocytes, which form the protective outer layer of skin.

The wound on the mouse was completely closed by three weeks, they reported. Experts say victims of massive burns usually die of infection within two weeks unless they receive skin grafts, and normal grafting often leaves severe scars.

The sprayed cells also incorporated themselves into surrounding skin, hair follicles and sebaceous glands, probably because immature cells called stem cells were mixed in with the sprayed cells, the researchers said.

"You have to give a lot of credit to the cells. When you put them into the wound, they know what to do," Binder said.

The next step is to try the system on pigs, whose skin more closely resembles the skin of humans. Binder said it may also be useful for treating diabetic foot ulcers, a common problem.

Free Ink (Metawatch Inkjet Supplies)

Metawatch is pleased to announce the offer of Free ink Cartridges (OEM Compatible & Remanufactured) for the following ink cartridges

Lexmark 17G0060

Canon BX-3

Epson T026

Epson T027

Epson S0047

Epson S0049

Epson S00138

Epson T04220

Epson T04230

Epson T04240

HP #58

We are in the process of discontinuing these products and are clearing our inventory of these old expired products.Any orders placed on our web site will still be processed and charged at the advertised rate.

Please follow the procedures below for free cartridge requests.

Supplies are limited, and requests will be managed on a first come first serve basis.

All ink cartridges being offered have expired and are not guaranteed to function. Most will function properly as long as the seals have not been broken, and the cartridges are shaken well before use. Use at your own risk.

Metawatch assumes no risk/responsibility and shall not be held liable for any damage that may occur as a result of using these cartridges. These cartridges are being supplied in an “as is” condition and are not returnable for any refund of any kind.

Shipping and administration fees are not refundable.

Send your request to FreeInkCartridge@gmail.com detailing the cartridge types, and quantity required, as well as full shipping details.

Metawatch Reserves the right to limit quantities.

No Pick Ups will be permitted.

Shipping charges are billable @ cost plus a $5.00 administration/handling fee.

All shipping and handling costs must be paid by PayPal  in advance (Verified Address)

Canadian Orders only.

Free Ink Week at Weiss ACE Hardware Illinois!

Free printer ink, anyone? Now that is certainly a far cry from what is often perceived as the norm – that ink can burn a hole in your purse or pocket (or wherever you decide to put your hard-earned cash in). For the patrons of the Weiss ACE Hardware Store in Glenview, Illinois, however, that is going to change – for a week, at least.

printer inkA press release on Fox Business announced that starting April 8 through April 14, Weiss ACE Hardware customers can avail of free ink cartridge refills. The promotion, “Free Ink Week”, is a collaboration between Weiss ACE Hardware and INK-O-DEM, described as “the worldwide leader in integrated inkjet cartridge refilling and testing technology for retail and university environments.”

For a week starting this Thursday, Weiss ACE Hardware patrons who have an empty inkjet cartridge can come into the store to get a refill for free. The promo is in response to an observed customer need as well as a growing trend among consumers towards environmentally-friendly practices, according to the press release.

Basically, it is being used by Weiss ACE Hardware as an opportunity for their customers to get a head start on green living by giving them the incentive of giving inkjet cartridge refilling a try. Those who are still contemplating about the pros and cons of cartridge refilling may now see for themselves what the process is like and how it affects their respective printers’ performance – and whether refilling is the correct option for their priorities and needs.

Weiss ACE Hardware is located at 1560 Waukegan Road in Glenview, Illinois