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    I must say that your service is absolutely exceptional and I have recommended your company and products to several friends today; all are serious "printer" people.I retired last year and my friends are all into, or are still working in the photo industry. Sincerely,Gerhard


    Dear, just to let you know than i realy appreciate your costumer service.
    Thank you


    Just a Thank you and all the best


    Ce message est simplement pour vous dire que j'ai bien reçu la commande XXXXXX et que je suis très satisfait de la rapidité de la livraison et aussi de la qualité de l'encre. C'est la première fois que j'utilise de l'encre "autre que l'originale" et pour le moment je suis très satisfait. Soyez certain que je vais vous référez à mes amis et collègues de travail et c'est certain que je vais commander à nouveau de chez vous. Merci beaucoup.


    Je veux seulement vous dire un gros merci pour la rapidité avec lequel vous avez traité ma demande et aussi pour le petit extra en papier photos,c'est très apprécié.



    I received my order, thank you for your great customer service..



    It is not often people write emails or letters of praise but consider this one of the rare ones!
    I must say, ordering your product was about the easiest imaginable. Coupled with the fact that it arrived here basically “next day” I am thoroughly happy. To tell you the truth, I was expecting to have to go pay full retail for one black cartridge thinking that your’s would take at least a week to arrive but I was wrong, the order arrived before I could even go out to get one!
    Congrats people, I WILL tell all my friends and neighbours about you!

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Ace Hardware stores offering free inkjet refills

Four Ace Hardware stores in the Chicago area will offer free refills on inkjet cartridges during different weeks in June.

The participating stores and their "Free Ink Week" schedules are:

Four Ace Hardware stores in the Chicago area will offer free refills on inkjet cartridges during different weeks in June.

•June 1-7 at Ace Hardware & Rental, 2660 Sheridan Road, Zion.

• June 3-10 at Mutual Ace Hardware, 1393 Half Day Road, Highland Park.

• June 12-19 at Edgebrook Ace Hardware, 5423 W. Devon, Chicago.

• June 23-29 at Whitmore Ace Hardware, 210 S. State St., Manhattan.

Ace is partnering with INK-O-DEM, an inkjet refilling and testing technology firm, to meet shoppers’ increasing demand for refills and the environmentally friendly purpose they serve, the companies said.

Why wait,you can still get compatible cartridges @ Metawatch Inkjet Supplies , if you are Canadian,


Xennia pioneers use of composite materials in inkjet systems

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Xennia, the world’s leading industrial inkjet solutions provider, is demonstrating the concept of using advanced composite materials in the latest design of inkjet printing systems on its stand at IPEX.

"We are using IPEX to show the promise of composite materials for the design and manufacture of inkjet printing systems," said Dr Alan Hudd, Xennia’s Managing Director, "the use of composites as structural elements of our inkjet modules will lead to large benefits to our customers in the future.  Our composite module concept will lead to much lower build and operating costs for inkjet systems: the lighter modules enable lower cost motion components to be used and lead to a significant reduction in energy consumption. This initiative is an important part of our strategy of introducing technology to help industry transform their inkjet ideas into production reality, increasing productivity, efficiency and reliability, while lowering costs and environmental impact."

"Composite materials promise significant performance improvements for inkjet printing systems," commented Dr James Fox, Xennia’s Chief Technologist. "We are working with a subsidiary of our parent company, TenCate Advanced Composites (a world leading composite materials supplier for high end aerospace and satellite applications) to introduce Formula 1 technology with the same discipline of structural strength combined with lightness that is the motorsport mantra. Application of this technology to inkjet printing systems promises similar benefits, with structural rigidity, mechanical stability over a wide temperature range and lightness. This leads to much enhanced printing performance, with improved printing accuracy and consistency from a higher degree of droplet control, combined with reduced energy consumption."

Xennia’s stand at IPEX includes a concept display of its XenJet inkjet modules including the use of advanced composite materials as structural elements, introducing much improved stiffness and reduced weight into pivotal components of the printing system.

Hewlett-Packard adds defendant to patent suit

PALO ALTO, Calif. — Hewlett-Packard Co., the world’s largest PC maker, said it added a new defendant to an existing federal lawsuit over inkjet printer cartridge patent infringement and sale of products incorporating stolen components.

HP said late Thursday it is now also suing Asia Pacific Microsystems Inc., an affiliated company of UMC Group, both of which are based in Taiwan.

HP said it is adding one of its subsidiaries, Hewlett-Packard Development Co., as a plaintiff in the case. It is also making the same changes to the case before the U.S. International Trade Commission.

The PC maker filed the original lawsuit in March against MicroJet Technology Co., Mipo Technology Ltd., Mipo Science & Technology Co. and its America-based operations, SinoTime Technologies Inc. and PTC Holdings Ltd. saying the companies infringe on inkjet cartridge patents.

Shares of HP added 38 cents to $46.33 in afternoon trading.

First Printers Based on Memjet Technology

In a series of rapid announcements, Memjet Labels partners Astro Machines Corporation, Rapid Labels Company and OWN-X Industrial and their partners debut the world’s first printers based on Memjet’s breakthrough printing technology.  Targeted at on-demand labels, trans-promotional and mailing and addressing markets, Memjet’s partners have customized the Memjet printing technology to fit the focus and expertise of their respective businesses, highlighting the diversity and innovation catalyzed by Memjet’s partner driven approach. 
Targeted at new levels of on-demand color quality and efficiency, details of recent announcements can be viewed at the Memjet Labels Website


Recent Announcements

  • Distribution partner RENA Systems debuted a RENA branded Astro Machine RapidX M1 mailing and addressing printer at the ON DEMAND Expo (Philadelphia, April 20th) and last week at MailCom 2010 (Atlantic City, May 12th).
  • Addressing and Mailing Solutions, Ltd (AMS) has announced their launch of Astro Machines M1 printer this week at IPEX (Birmingham, May 18th, 2010).
  • Impression Technology Europe announced RAPID X1 label printer will be demonstrated at IPEX (Birmingham, May 18th, 2010)

OWN-X Industrial (Budapest, Hungary) announced a June, 2010 private showing of their SpeedStar(tm) 3000 print-on-demand label printer for select distribution partners.

See Memjet based printers at IPEX

Addressing and Mailing Solutions Ltd.
AMS M1 Printer
Stand: D861, Hall 18
Impression Technology Europe
Rapid X1 Label Printer
Stand: 09-F320

Ink Amnesty Program

Well I thought I had seen all the marketing, and glitz for inkjet cartridges that anyone could come up with but here is one that could actually save you a dollar or 2 in the long run..

In a bid to win back  lost customers HP has created a HP Amnesty program.

Sort of comical…They will offer you 20% off your next purchase of NEW HP Cartridges, if you are willing to tell them about the woes of using competitors products.


Here is how it works..From the HP Site

“So you’ve tried bargain ink.

We want to hear
your story.

Did it ruin a pitch or smudge your child’s
birthday invitations?

Whether your letdown was monumental or just annoying, you don’t deserve disappointment!

In return for sharing your story, we’ll give you amnesty in the form of 20% off Original HP Ink.
So you can say goodbye to letdowns. “

Step 1

Register and tell us your experience of using bargain ink.

Step 2

To add to your story you can also scan or take a photo of your bargain ink letdown. It could be featured in our bargain ink letdown gallery.

Step 3

Check your email for your 20% off coupon to use on Original HP Ink online at the HP Home and Home Office Store. Your coupon will be sent straight to your email so you can start saving.

Of course if you are still looking at purchasing truly affordable HP compatible remanufactured cartridges, go no further than stopping by at Metawatch for your supplies.

Chesaning Ace Hardware store to hold ‘Free ink week’

CHESANING — The Ace Hardware store in Chesaning, 207 W. Broad, will be holding “Free ink week” from today until Saturday, allowing shoppers to refill empty printer ink cartridges free of charge.

Select Ace Hardware stores across the state are partnering with Ink-O-Dem, the worldwide leader in integrated inkjet cartridge refilling and testing technology for retail and university environments. The product is capable of refilling about 95 percent of printer ink cartridges.

“INK-O-DEM’s Free Ink Week is a great way for people to try inkjet refills without any risk,” Tom Price, ACE Hardware’s Account Manager at INK-O-DEM said. “It’s especially suitable for people who have never refilled their inkjet cartridges before now.”

Of course you can always buy your new/refurbished replacement cartridges from Metawatch.