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    I must say that your service is absolutely exceptional and I have recommended your company and products to several friends today; all are serious "printer" people.I retired last year and my friends are all into, or are still working in the photo industry. Sincerely,Gerhard


    Dear, just to let you know than i realy appreciate your costumer service.
    Thank you


    Just a Thank you and all the best


    Ce message est simplement pour vous dire que j'ai bien reçu la commande XXXXXX et que je suis très satisfait de la rapidité de la livraison et aussi de la qualité de l'encre. C'est la première fois que j'utilise de l'encre "autre que l'originale" et pour le moment je suis très satisfait. Soyez certain que je vais vous référez à mes amis et collègues de travail et c'est certain que je vais commander à nouveau de chez vous. Merci beaucoup.


    Je veux seulement vous dire un gros merci pour la rapidité avec lequel vous avez traité ma demande et aussi pour le petit extra en papier photos,c'est très apprécié.



    I received my order, thank you for your great customer service..



    It is not often people write emails or letters of praise but consider this one of the rare ones!
    I must say, ordering your product was about the easiest imaginable. Coupled with the fact that it arrived here basically “next day” I am thoroughly happy. To tell you the truth, I was expecting to have to go pay full retail for one black cartridge thinking that your’s would take at least a week to arrive but I was wrong, the order arrived before I could even go out to get one!
    Congrats people, I WILL tell all my friends and neighbours about you!

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Tattoos using your inkjet printer

Thought your inkjet printer was for only making photo’s , well you were wrong…

Temporary tattoo papilio.

Now, with these new paper composites you can make temporary tattoo’s for your kids, or your self at Halloween, to attend Sporting events, or for you latest concert, or National Event (Quebec 400th birthday).

I bet you always wanted a tattoo but didn’t want to have to go through the pain of having one done (or embarrassment) . You can now have as many painless tattoos as you like by just using your inkjet or laser printer.

Simply by printing off any design to the special tattoo paper, including photos you can transfer them to any body part in minutes. The tattoo paper is easy to use and tattoos can last for up to a week before they wash off.

The key is the special tattoo paper and not the inkjet inks. Any inkjet ink will work well, but beware of raining days, as no inkjet yet on the market is fully waterproof.

You can buy this tattoo paper on-line from suppliers like papilio.com or others at reasonable rates. Also check out you local paper supply store, they probably have something similar in stock.

Don’t delay… Its time to party….


Most Popular Models of 3rd Party Inkjet Cartridges

Popularity 3rd Party Inkjet Cartridge Models

Well if you want to go with the pack, and select a printer with the most compatible 3rd party inkjet cartridges here are the stats.

Canon 3rd Party Inkjet

There are 2 sets of Cartridge winners here

The BCI-3E Series

BCI-3E Black
BCI-3E Cyan
BCI-3E Magenta
BCI-3E Yellow


The BCI-6 Series

BCI-6 Black
BCI-6 Cyan
BCI-6 Magenta
BCI-6 Yellow
BCI-6 Photo Cyan
BCI-6 Photo Magenta

If you are a Epson aficionado here are the winners.

T044 Series


T048 Series


T060 Series


These by far are the most popular 3rd party inkjet cartridges for Canon and Epson models of Inkjet Printers. By selecting a printer that uses these cartridges you can maximize your savings as these are the most competitive products. In addition, as your printer gets older the chances of still finding these products increases substantially as these will be the models retained the longest by 3rd party manufacturers.

New Printers delivered with 1/2 full cartridges

Running out of ink too soon ?
Ever buy a new inkjet printer and after a short period of time run out of ink. Well its no surprise. After a discussion with a Chemist friend of mine he let me know that the inkjet Printer Manufacturers routinely deliver new printers with partially filled inkjet cartridges.
we all know that inkjet printer manufacturers make the majority of their profits from the sale of inkjet cartridges. Don’t forget you can save to by purchasing 3rd party compatible cartridges at on-line stored like Metawatch Inkjet Supplies

Inkjet Ink Secret Ingredient


Also goes by the name (Chemists call it) N-Pyrol.

This ingredient can make up to 40-60% of some inkjet inks and is the secret ingredient that prevents the ink from evaporating into the air.

Beware though. There are many refill establishments that do not use N-Pyrol in their inks (Typically drop by and refill shops) where the ink may need to be used within 30 days after refilling. Inkjet cartridges using N-Pyrol can last 3 years and more without any degradation in the effectiveness of the ink when used in the 20 deg C range.

Considered a “fairly” non toxic ingredient, it is also commonly used for Paint Strippers.

It is readily absorbed by the skin and has been know to cause local irritation in laboratory testing.

You can find a MDS (Data Safety) sheet at this link.

or the International Chemical Safety card sponsored by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

Metawatch adds Twitter service

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Metawatch adds Twitter service

Metawatch adds Twitter service to open the door to on-line inquiries.

Henceforth known as a Metatweet

In following with the current trends of SMS messaging, Twitter and TAG messaging, Metawatch has formally joined Twitter and we can be reached @Metawatch.

Need to know

a) Our current pricing for a cartridge ?
b) What Cartridges your Printer Model Uses ?
c) What shipping charges are ?
d) What the Tracking # is for your order ?

Send us a Metatwit to @Metawatch.

If you forget our name that’s OK, all you need to do is to prefix your message with #inkjet and we’ll respond to your query.

i.e. if you send #inkjet T069 we’ll respond to you with our Price and web link to purchase.

Purchases still need to take place from our secure Metawatch site, but general inquires can now be made from virtually anywhere, even your phone via this new convenient messaging system.

Note: Metawatch will still accept your calls via Standard Telephone lines, but our priority is for email, or text messaging.

We have found that providing a textual written response to all our client queries provides for a more efficient and more accurate interface than standard POTS service.

Not a member of Twitter yet, feel free to join. It’s free and will open a new world of collaborative interfacing with your friends.

With Twitter you can ‘Follow” you friends comments and reply either publicly, or in private.

Don’t forget the maximum message length of a Metatwit is 140 characters.

Note: Metawatch Twitter messages are displayed in a public domain that is searchable via twitter.
Please ensure that you do not ever submit personal or confidential information on the twitter network to us.
All purchases and private inquires must still be made via secure means via our Secure Metawatch web site or via email