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    I must say that your service is absolutely exceptional and I have recommended your company and products to several friends today; all are serious "printer" people.I retired last year and my friends are all into, or are still working in the photo industry. Sincerely,Gerhard


    Dear, just to let you know than i realy appreciate your costumer service.
    Thank you


    Just a Thank you and all the best


    Ce message est simplement pour vous dire que j'ai bien reçu la commande XXXXXX et que je suis très satisfait de la rapidité de la livraison et aussi de la qualité de l'encre. C'est la première fois que j'utilise de l'encre "autre que l'originale" et pour le moment je suis très satisfait. Soyez certain que je vais vous référez à mes amis et collègues de travail et c'est certain que je vais commander à nouveau de chez vous. Merci beaucoup.


    Je veux seulement vous dire un gros merci pour la rapidité avec lequel vous avez traité ma demande et aussi pour le petit extra en papier photos,c'est très apprécié.



    I received my order, thank you for your great customer service..



    It is not often people write emails or letters of praise but consider this one of the rare ones!
    I must say, ordering your product was about the easiest imaginable. Coupled with the fact that it arrived here basically “next day” I am thoroughly happy. To tell you the truth, I was expecting to have to go pay full retail for one black cartridge thinking that your’s would take at least a week to arrive but I was wrong, the order arrived before I could even go out to get one!
    Congrats people, I WILL tell all my friends and neighbours about you!

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Epson sues Third Party On-Line Retailers

Friday, December 01, 2006

Statement of Claim

Epson is taking US-based e-tailers to court over the sale of generic Epson compatible inkjet cartridges. Epson is pretty confident as it has successfully won cases against some companies in Europe and Asia.

The company filed complaints with the United States International Trade Commission (ITC) against 24 companies in February of this year. The infractions cited ranged from manufacturing aftermarket ink cartridges to importing ink cartridges from foreign countries for sale in the United States.


According to Network World

Of the 24 companies, five have agreed to settle with Epson at both the ITC and district court. A further three companies have agreed with the ITC to stop importing cartridges, but will have their cases heard at the district court. Another eight companies have had default judgments filed against them at the ITC because they failed to respond to the complaint with the time allowed, said Epson. Trials against the remaining companies at the ITC will begin in January.

Dirty Tricks

The tricks that the printer manufacturers have used to get customers tied into buying expensive OEM cartridges (as mentioned earlier) range from giving customers “starter” cartridges with printer purchases or including chips on the cartridges to prevent customers from using generics and of course we can’t forget the ink cartridges that will report empty even though there is still ink left to print.

Buy while you can !

Make sure you stock up on those Third party cartridges. One never knows when they will no longer be available.

Of course you can still shop at www.metawatch.ca for your supplies.

Check out our Epson Compatible cartridge section